How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Many women get their bikini line waxed monthly, and getting ingrown hairs comes with the territory. Ingrown hairs can be very painful, and noticeable, not only from the infected, swollen and blemish-like appearance they take, but also the red-purple marks they leave behind.

What is an ingrown hair exactly? An ingrown hair occurs when a hair has been removed from waxing, and as it grows back, it curls back or grows sideways under the skin resulting in a sore, red, inflamed bump.

Day 1 – Day 6 Post Wax: For the first five days after getting waxed, the skin is fairly sensitive, so it’s important to not be aggressive with this area. I always apply a hydrating body butter to the area to keep the skin cells moist.

Day 7 – Day 14: At this point, the hairs are not yet ready to come out the surface of the skin, but they are getting closer. This is where you need to start exfoliating the surface of the skin to ensure the hair can come cleanly out. Almost every day, I will apply a thin coat of an exfoliant (a little goes a long way), followed by body butter right after I get out of the shower. The blend will start to dissolve surface dead skin cells that can cause hairs to become trapped under the skin.

Day 15 – Day 30: Around two weeks out from your bikini wax, you may feel the skin starting to feel a bit prickly as some of the hairs, depending where they are in their life cycle, will start to want to come out. At the point you feel the skin feel prickly (and often itchy), you need to use physical exfoliants to scrub at the skin and loosen the hair from its surrounding skin to allow it come out easily. I also use a body scrub every other day. It is important to always follow with a body butter or body oil to keep the skin cells moist. 

Usually, by a month out, most people need to get another bikini wax, so then you will start this recommended routine all over again.

September 02, 2018 by Jewel Georges

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