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She made me jump back and kiss myself after seeing and touching my face after my facial. I’ve had tons of facials over the years and this has to be my best facial ever. I’m not talking about the immediate results. I’m talking about the go home wash your face results and wake up the next morning results. My skin is visibly smooth and soft. Even my 4 year old noticed.

Robbie D

I received this in my JustBecause subscription box. I have very oily skin and I'm used to facial products for oily skin causing extreme dryness. This does not. My skin feels clean but also moisturized. I came to their website to make sure it was a product I could buy once the bar I received in my box runs out. A liquid version of this would be great and easier to travel with.


I love the Candles that I ordered from 
Natural Jewels. I love the Aroma. I love how they burn. I use them when I do my Sinus Therapy. It's well worth the price. I will definitely purchase again I'm going to tell my family and friends about it. Thanks Natural Jewels!!!

Melody Burns